Luxury Fine Art Photography

Specializing in crafted, fine art, pet portraiture, and their two-legged hairless sisters, brothers, and parents.

My studio facility is pet and littles’ friendly. An unforgettable experience is designed for you and your fur kids' comfort. Artful moments, timeless connections and a treasured creation to preserve and tell your story beautifully.

Let me be your guide and help you present your story in your most treasured spaces. 


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Standard sessions include:

Pre-session consult

This can be via phone or in person. There are big advantages to bringing the kids to check out a new space. They are less stressed and unlike the vet are happy to come back.  We play in an enclosed yard for a while with the studio open. When we check out the gallery they wander in to see what is up. Never forced always their idea. Information for Moms and Dads, wardrobe choices (help prevent reflections). Exercise and grooming tips before the big day etc.

If your schedule does not allow this a phone chat will go a long way to make sure you and your furkid is comfortable and tips for making your selection quick and easy

Session time

Time to sniff to be able to completely look and feel relaxed( both of you because a relaxed fur mom or dad means a relaxed furkid) we incorporate the pre-session consult process, similar to above. 

Studio overview and guidelines.  Ie..Where moms and dad stand, who gets the furkids attention and when etc. Stress indicators for lots of stretch time, yard and water breaks.  IT is always about the pet and their comfort.

An assistant if needed (determined from our pre-session consult)

About sixty (60) minutes. This is variable. Some fur luvs (especially if they have been here before) are ready to get down to modeling for Some are a little shy still and take more coaxing.

Custom and professional editing of your captured moments. I send you home from the session with a price list and some tips to help you recognize the perfect capture for your space and budget when you see it.

Art selection session – I do not have online gallery services. There are simply too many variables and honestly, my guests prefer to look at studio examples and bring a photo of where they were thinking of locating their art.  Most of my guests have seen my product and style and want to be helped through this process. I specialize in unique statement pieces, custom wall art, and fur-ever memories. It is important for me to help you get this perfect.  This takes about 30 minutes to an hour.  One free scheduled visit is included in the session fee.


A history of your loves told beautifully in art.....

I get asked a lot about why dogs? Why horses? And my answer is "I photograph and create art for and of my loves”

My fur-covered companions and my children have brought the most joy to my life. And every bit of heartache. A lot of fine pets have passed through my life and children grow too quickly.

I think often of these four-legged friends that have been part of my life. And as silly as it may seem, to some, want their story to live on in this world. From their first hello to the hardest good-bye they can be remembered and share their beauty, kindness, silliness, and quirks in artful images.

Statement pieces of art, even beautiful abstract or paintings, can have a special meaning and be displayed in your most treasured spaces, home, office or wherever you celebrate and live.

A family wall is all about this need to hold on tightly to moments, those loves of our lives. 

Telling that story beautifully.