photo courtesy of JKStansbury, Wagtale PhotographyLeeluu and author out sniffing Just Sniffing!

I started this blog several years ago with a theme of "What I see" and it is still that but, with a lot of "sniffing" on the way.

When I acquired this new little companion, the best dog model "Leeluu", she inspired a new way of seeing. I thought I was looking closely but until you have watched a terrier examine things you really have no idea.

So while this is still a blog of "What I see" it has been distilled to terrier level.

Turns out either in the studio or outside I really do enjoy the "sniffing" style. I notice a trend in my art of focusing on a unique moment or perspective. Not a macro capture but more of a micro-moment. A moment that tells a story with no words required.

To enjoy touching those artful moments, timeless connections, and having treasured creations give me a call!  Offering unique wall art to make a micro-moment become a timeless connection and a treasured creation. 

Book your session  

Limited studio sessions are offered for 2022. 

To get notified of updated special pricing and events be sure to sign up here. Make sure to put [email protected] on your friends' list.

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